Coval DMCC’s business is the global trading of diamonds. Purchases are made from Central and Southern African mines in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Botswana, and the Republic of South Africa (RSA). Purchases are based on mine off-take agreements with associated medium- to large-scale producers.

Productions are then exported to the Dubai office for marketing. We sell assortments to manufactures as well as being a service provider to our clients.

Our polishing division based in Johannesburg, RSA, specializes in larger sizes and sophisticated shapes. Our factory is known for its unsurpassed ability to achieve the best recovery and manufacture the best make, achieved through Galaxy services and water-jet sawing.

who we are

Coval DMCC is a Dubai-registered, certified diamond trading company. Established in June 2018, it is currently led by two partners with an extensive track record in trading, finance, and the mining industry.

We purchase and trade original run of mine production from international producers through our Dubai office. Our strength is in servicing our selected clients with the assortments required for manufacturing. We also provide a tender sales platform for our clients by selling and exporting diamonds locally and globally.

We have a profound understanding of diamond sales’ trends, ensuring that we bring the requisite service, attention-to-detail, and industry prowess to your business. We are AA-patented and the proud polishers of trademark diamond shapes.

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